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Toronto Stories

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Sunday Morning Jazz:
Back in the days… Jazz was the heart and soul of that basement in downtown Toronto - and hardly anyone knew it. But he could feel it as it wafted on the winding sound waves, escaping to the street.

A dramatic story of a hot summer night in downtown Toronto of the 1950s. Slightly upsetting circumstances evolve into a major event of violence and pursuit with a deadly domino effect. This is an excerpt from the novel If You Forget Me.

Safe Night 1956:
Summer in the city, 1956. A young man's vanity, arrogance, relentless embarrassment and destiny.

A brief look at a middle-aged man's life; his lost family, broken love, departed friends. Seen through the lens of a contemplative afternoon's escape, the episode gives rise to an act of respect and redemption.

Never Leaving Yorkville:
This is the story of an unusual tribute to someone who denied being a hero and yet recognized that there was much more to heroism than just 'being there'. In some ways it is also about a man drowned, a suicide perhaps, by alcohol.

A story of night people. Those who frequented coffee shops and city diners of the forties and fifties. Everyone had a story but not everyone talked.