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The Water of Blythe

'Smooth' is a fine single malt Scotch whisky from a small Scottish Island called Blythe. Most barrels of the premiere 18-year-old Smooth mysteriously disappear and threaten the very survival of the island's inhabitants who rely on the distillery for their existence. A complex plan crafted by the delightful characters of the Isle of Blythe result in a struggling Canadian author unknowingly becoming involved in a scheme to rescue the failing distillery.

The Water of Blythe is a journey of the heart; weaving culture, tradition and unique characters as they tackle new and old values and ideas; economic realities and what the future holds for them. The layers of the story flow together like a well-aged single malt Scotch over the palate. Savour the magic, sip the history and taste the mingling wonders of The Water of Blythe. By journey's end you may even yearn for a wee dram of 'Smooth'!