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In his novel, Machiavelli’s Desert author Lawrence Uhlin tells a Canadian espionage tale full of domestic and international intrigue. The plot of the story involves the consequences to Canada after a nuclear meltdown at the CANDU nuclear power plant on the Pacific Island of Arnivan. The result of the disaster causes the Prime Minister of Canada to make a secret decision that he believes will protect the country’s sovereignty. His decision sparks events that lead to blackmail, murder, espionage, theft, and political turmoil.

Mari Volser and Beau Metcalfe are Canadian National Security Agents who are given the task of discovering how the death of a Canadian scientist is connected to the disappearance of a scientist in Dallas, Texas. They follow the trail which reveals more than they could ever imagine. In the mean time, the Prime Minister, Nicholas Plato, agrees to secretly purchase the designs for a breakthrough technology using carbon conductivity and nanotechnology to transmit information and energy at close to the speed of light, revolutionizing the world of communications and saving Canada from becoming a third world country as a consequence of the penalties incurred for the nuclear meltdown by the World Court. The story that unravels is a fast paced saga filled with corruption, murder, and secret agendas.

Machiavelli’s Desert is an entertaining tale of political intrigue that consists of exciting plots with many twists and turns. Readers will find the plan of smuggling information using DNA coding a fascinating element of the plot. They will also enjoy uncovering the mysteries, secrets, and lies, and the surprising revelation of a much larger planned event. I highly recommend Machiavelli’s Desert as an entertaining read that not only provides a unique depiction of Canadian politics, but it is also an exciting tale of international mystery and suspense.

– Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services

From BC Bookworld:

Canadian Prime Minister Nicholas Plato has a few problems. Canada has been found guilty of crimes against humanity. The body of a Canadian National Research Council scientist has been found floating in the Ottawa River. A suicide bomber has killed hundreds of people in a Las Vegas nightclub. And there's a CANDU reactor that is going to meltdown and destroy life on the tiny Pacific island country of Arnivan.

That's just some of the CSIS-related intrigue that befuddle the characters of Lawrence Uhlin's political thriller Machiavelli’s Desert. It's a gripping tale in which Uhlin takes time to quote Mordecai Richler: "...truth is Canada is a cloud-cuckoo-land, an insufferably rich country governed by idiots, its self-made problems offering comic relief to the ills of the real world." Ouch.

The global plot resembles an Ian Slater disaster novel, hopscotching hither and yon – to Washington, D.C., Houston, Grand Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands and... Kamloops – and that's a good thing. Canada's sovereignty is put to the test while Uhlin cleverly integrates advances in nanotechnology and chemistry (derived from the discovery of buckminsterfullerene in 1985). This is a sophisticated and ambitious debut.

– Alan Twigg Publisher, BC Bookworld 

Machiavelli's Desert is a high speed tale through a labyrinth of blackmail, genetic mapping and international espionage.

It begins with a nuclear meltdown in the Pacific, the mysterious murder of a senior scientist from the National Research Council and then jets us from Kamloops to Grand Cayman Island with many stops along the way.

Lawrence Uhlin has written a story that is not only impossible to put down, but also gives us a view of Canadian politics that has not been seen before.

– Elizabeth Taylor, Esquimalt, British Columbia