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Machiavelli’s Desert

A book of espionage, intrigue and controversy where Canada’s sovereignty is
at risk because of a CANDU Reactor meltdown in the Pacific island country of Arnivan. Canada’s prime minister, Nicholas Plato, is offered a solution that could be the country’s salvation or its embarrassment.

National security agent Mari Volser searches for the reason why a disgruntled senior Canadian scientist’s body was found floating in the Ottawa River. In Houston, a brilliant, quirky microbiologist disappears from the university where she leads research on carbon fullerene superconductors. Volser and her partner, Beau Metcalfe, hear an ex-con’s story that suggests a link between their investigations and Canada’s dilemma.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific Machiavelli’s Desert takes the reader on a colourful voyage of mystery, intrigue and greed across Canada to Washington, Houston, Grand Cayman Island, the British Virgin Islands, and to the Hawaiian island of Maui where a surprising and unexpected conclusion is revealed. Machiavelli’s Desert tests the strength of values existing in international and national politics, and asks – when does a profound wrong become a moral right?