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Lochside Stories

Lochside Stories follow a disparate group of individuals as they encounter a variety of life’s circumstances in their small community of Sidney-by the-Sea. Every character has the Lochside Trail as a common denominator. Flan and Crete walk the Trail almost daily as does Willow Woman and Josh; Crash and Karen live on the beach by the Trail while Big Basso and Furtive Frank are caught up in conspiracy theories fostered by Door Man’s mysterious doings. Angus Moody’s heart stops on the Lochside Trail while Gertrude Smite looks along the trail for love after her husband leaves her for a horse.

The Lochside Stories charm and delight with situations, dilemmas, humour and predicaments played out by a colourful cast of characters inhabiting the ocean-side community of Sidney-by the-Sea.    

Driftwood :
A number of the Lochside Trail characters experience the extremes of life's ups and downs. But even more, this is a tale of how easily we can manipulate and contrive values to meet our own needs. Presented with a sense of humour and a healthy taste of the absurd.

Doors :
A comic example of how a few misunderstood details can be misinterpreted to a degree equal to a national conspiracy theory. More of the Lochside Trail's regulars & irregulars piece together disparate facts and observations and arrive at a place with no windows to see through to a clear end, but lots of doors.

The Pale Blue Dot:
Coping with change – even small changes that disrupt the day's routine – can be stressful. For some, it can be a major dilemma of universal reach. And dilemmas can often snowball into an avalanche of idiotic proportions. Then, along comes time. The eternal healer deals with the wounds of stress and occasionally answers a fervent wish with a subtle moment of bliss.

Benches :
How to make a decision about the important things in life? The answer lies in another dimension.

Heart Smart:
The life of a 40- or 50-something, attractive woman whose husband falls in love with a horse can be rather difficult – especially when she decides to try her luck with a newly developed dating service for people who love to walk the Lochside Trail.