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If you forget me...

If You Forget Me is the story of twin sisters: Nora and Naomi. Despite identical genes, one is sedate, predictable and content with a lifestyle of quiet comfort; the other is aggressive in her pursuit of social standing, with radical political and philosophic beliefs.

For many years Nora and Naomi lead separate lives in their chosen ways, each fulfilling their personal ambitions. Decades later the past intervenes and two almost forgotten incidents coincide during an investigation by a private detective. Hired by Canadian senator Vaughn Lombard, Rudy Friden attempts to resolve the Senator’s anxiety and feelings of guilt stemming from an event in 1954. Friden discovers details of a passionate love affair, a death and a disappearance.

If You Forget Me takes the reader on a path of discovery via Naomi’s journals. Amanda, Naomi’s young companion, is charged with the romantic and often dangerous uncovering of Naomi’s secrets. The story travels from the streets of 1950’s Toronto to the early years of the millennium, from Ottawa to Victoria and reaches deep into the hearts and minds of people caught up in murder, insanity and deceit. Nora, Naomi, Senator Lombard, drug dealers, politicos, business men, gangsters and detective Rudy Friden all pull and tug at considerations of guilt, innocence, sanity and insanity and what we will do for love.